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Paid Surveys and Focus Groups: Maximize Your Online Income With These Tips

by John Lee

Paid Surveys have become a very popular source of additional income for many families. This is because they encompass characteristics of what many people would consider a "dream job":

* Work from home
* Set your own hours
* Work as much or as little as you want
* No office "politics"

Though many people are making good supplemental money from taking paid surveys, they may be able to increase their monthly income using these helpful tips.

Use a free software program to automate filling out forms

These programs are great for signing up with multiple paid survey companies quickly. Many forms can be filled with one 'click', saving lots of time and typing. The less time you spend registering with companies means the more time you can spend completing online surveys.

Setup a separate email address

This email address should be used only for your paid survey business. Depending upon how many networks you signed up with, you could be receiving a large number of survey opportunities daily. It will be much easier if they're separated from your 'regular' email. Accidentally deleting a $5 survey might not make you angry, but deleting a $75 one probably will.

Initially, accept every paid survey opportunity

The idea here is to establish yourself as a reliable survey respondent. Established, proven survey takers get more of the higher-dollar surveys. Once you have a track record and are getting the number of high dollar surveys you desire, then you can 'pick and choose' which surveys to answer.

Register with several paid survey networks

Each network has it's own set of several hundred companies looking for survey respondents. Signing up with several of these networks will greatly increase the number of paid survey opportunities you will be receiving.

Keep records of your paychecks

Depending upon the law in your area, you may be considered an independent consultant for tax purposes. This means the IRS will be expecting you to pay taxes on your paid survey income. Keep a log of all your paychecks in case you have to pay taxes on them. In many cases all expenses associated with your paid survey business are normally tax deductible, including any subscription fees. Please check with a tax consultant for the laws in your area.

About the Author: John Lee is owner and publisher of the acclaimed consumer reporting website WorldWideReviews. A free product review and watchdog service. Paid Surveys

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