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Need Money?
Did you try to get paid for what you think?

Paid surveys are hot! Promoted as an easy way to make money, you can see all over the Internet ads promising to pay you up to $250 per hour for taking surveys! You can see also ads promising to pay you up to $50 to shop and eat!

Wow! All of this sounds good ...maybe too good to be true, don't you think?

The main purpose of this site is to help you make your mind on this work-at-home opportunity: Can you really make money with paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs? How much can you make? Who can participate in these surveys? Is it a scam? What does it take to participate in paid surveys? How to find well paying surveys companies? What should you know before you start? Is it worth joining a paid survey directory? Which survey directory will bring you the highest value?...

To help you answer these questions and many others you can have on paid surveys and mystery shopping, we have gathered here an extensive collection of articles published on this topic. These articles are classified under two main categories: Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping.

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Five Excellent Reasons To Take Paid Surveys Today

Most people know what consumer survey is but do they know they can get paid for answering opinion surveys? If by chance they participate in a paid survey and receive a paycheck in their mailbox, they are thrilled by their discovery... read full article

Free Paid Surveys

You can get paid to answer online surveys, participate in group interviews, test products and to shop and complete questionnaires on your consumer experience. All these surveys are fun, easy and rewarding when you overcome two main challenges... read full article

How Online Surveys Financed My First Web Site!

Online surveys alone financed my first web site. Getting paid to take these online surveys is a win-win situation... read full article

Marketing Research Evolves - Paid Surveys Come Of Age

Up until the 20th century, buying and selling was simple. Businesses were largely local which allowed for a close relationship between suppliers and consumers... read full article

Why Paid Online Surveys Are Popular As Work At Home Jobs

The enormous growth of the Internet during the last few years has spawned several new Internet Based Business activities and at the same time benefited several others. One activity that has benefited from this boom is without doubt Paid Online Surveys... read full article

Can You Get Paid For What You Think?

Yes, you can get paid for your opinion and guess what it pays handsomely too. In fact now it is easier than ever before to make money on the internet... read full article

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Mystery Shopping - An Excellent Way To Make Extra Money

Mystery shopping (sometimes called secret shopping) is an excellent way to make extra money. It is very easy to do, you need no previous experience, no special knowledge and no expensive equipment... read full article

Mystery Shopping For Fun And Profit

How would you like to get paid to go shopping? That's right! Get paid to shop for clothes, eat in restaurants, watch movies, play golf, travel, and so on... read full article

How To Live Well With Relatively Little Money

You don't need much cash on hand to lead a good life. I'm not talking about credit cards. If you are a resident in U.S.A., you can live well without having a big salary or load of cash in the bank. Ok, you can live comfortably if you know how, and have internet access... read full article

Mystery Shopping - Mysterious Way To Improve Customer Care

Performance analysis and mystery shopping is crucial for any modern business. It is an important part of improving quality of service and enhancing sales so that the business progresses and rules the market... read full article

Mystery Shopping for Stay-at-home Moms

If you like to stay at home with your kids, mystery shopping is an excellent way to earn some extra money, shop, get free merchandise and get paid for dining out... read full article

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